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March 16, 2011



heyy wanna know some story ? haha. this a few days i always talk about love love love right? hehe im just follow my mood. HAHA i hear this short story from a counselor.

the story began like this......

       There's a one sweet loving couple live in happy life. they had together for 6 years and already angaged. both of them still studying in a same place. one day, his partner as known as his girlfriend, going on practical to finish up her study. during she's on practical, she met a new boy. then after she with her new boy. she breakup her boyfriend and left her boyfriend just like that. she leave the boy because she had meet the new boy at her practical place.

       When the boy know that, he crying for 6 hours. meet the counselor. the counselor left him in the room. he feel very down and broken heart. the counselor try to calm the boy.on that day, place were his study had exam but the boy did not want to attend the exam but the counselor try to persuade him to attend and take the exam. so he take the exam paper and he pass the exam.

       BUT the girl had failed the exam. and when she married with the boy that she met at her place of work, she already married but when she give a birth. her child that she born is death, also when second time, her child that born death. when she want back his ex-boyfriend, she's very sad because that boy already married and have a beautiful wife and live happily.

sob sob....;( how sad it was. but that the moral for the girl who fool his boyfriend

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