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March 15, 2011

love ;)

When You're Gone
It's gonna be hard,
It's always hard,
If you leave;
Even for a day, if you go missing,
I just can't pretend to be happy.

We're in this together, love,
I'll miss you a lot, i know you will too,
But i'm just hoping that,
You shoudn't go too far;
Life is meaningful when you're around,
It'll be empty while your gone;

Memories of yours will keep haunting me;
Along with the beautful moments,
That we had all along;
The last time we talk,
And all those words;
Burns like a fire inside of my mind,
I'll be out here alone;
It's gonna be dark,
I wished it wouldn't come this way;
You leaving me for a while...

Believe me I won't stop you loving,
If only i could say this to you;
Holding your hand;
Wrapping you around my arms;
Telling you,
‘Why does it have to be this way? '

But i guess i won't love,
I can't fall weak; i'll be your strong girl;
and i'm sure we'll make it through,
IT'S just a matter of weeks,
It won’t be easy the day when you're gone,
But remember this;
I'm with you in your eyes;
In your mind,
And I'll forever be in your heart;
For a long time...! 

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