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March 3, 2011



huuu ;( he's going to go away. sad :( even not very far actually, just later maybe he will busy with his work. huhhh this is my first time he's going outstation, in our relation. this Friday he goes to Kuching. i thought i wanna send him to KLIA but he said that he should be there before 6. Ohh how can :( i have classes. CTU 151 n OMT 172 !

Im gonna miss him. i must have strengthened to face all this.  hope he didn't forget to contact me even i know that when at Kuching, with all his friends and his boss. maybe its hard for him to contact me :( erghhh forget it. its for our future. he do all this for me and our future life. i love you sayangg. i hope when you arrived here on Sunday, we will gonna meet. take care yeaah.

everyone said that we are the cutest and sweetest couple. maybe because the way you treat me ;) like an angel. thanks honey. im always with you no matter how far you are.

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