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kalau nak senyap. tekan yg petak tu ea. heee ;)


November 30, 2010

tuesday todayy ;)


heyy readers ;) hows your days n holiday ? mine is awesome. haha even bored but ad jgk planning ;) next week goin for holiday. 

  • 8 till 11 dec 
so anyone yg na ajak lepak2 or hangout tuh. jgn pick date tuh yeaa ;) then 7 dec , paknjang balek dari Haji. wahh best nye. heee 

hmmmm, my life now is amazing now. i cant explain why. just smiling n continued with it ;) heyy i love you .

hehe every sec i miss you. i cant hide my feeling. wanna shared it to world that u the amazing person i ever had <3

so nak masuk december dah. cuti makin singkat. masuk sem 2 ;) heyy heyy reallyy want my new laptop ! i just cant wait it. hee <3 next month for sure. aminnn.

im happy cause everyone is with me. i love you guys <3
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always need you guys


Gho$t said...

haha, untung la orang tu dapat pergi holiday banding aku ni....huhu

diyana said...

gedik ah kaw.